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Two bulls standing in a field Two bulls standing in a field

At River Creek, we’ve fed sheep and cattle since the early 1900’s. We understand the importance of end-product value. Within our cowherd, we emphasize carcass and production traits equally. This results in bulls that will maximize cowherd profitability at the beginning and end of the supply chain.


  • 97%

    Had an above breed average Marbling EPD

  • 99%

    Had an above breed average TI EPD

  • 13.5%

    Avg. Ranking for TI

River Creek Herd vs. Breed Average

  • Marbling (MARB) EPD

    River Creek cowherd has over 2x the marbling of an average Simmental herd

    River Creek Herd Breed Average
  • Terminal Index (TI) EPD

    River Creek herd has above breed average TI EPD

    River Creek Herd Breed Average
  • Joe and his team provide the producer with sound genetic documentation to make an informed purchase all the while knowing that they stand behind their bulls for 4 years. This increase in profitability is coupled with unparalleled calving ease and animal disposition. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their genetics and would recommend River Creek Farms to anyone.

    Keith Mitchell, Mitchell Farms Rosebud, TX
  • Our weaning weights have increased dramatically and our heifers are in demand. We have the best looking cow herd that we have ever had by keeping heifers out of Joe’s bulls.

    Steve and Janet Blackledge, Blackledge Farms Chetopa, KS
  • We have been purchasing bulls from River Creek Farms since 2006. As our cattle operation has grown we can consistently rely on their bulls to provide the complete package. With exceptional calving ease I rarely have to worry about assisting cows. The calves perform well, with noticeably larger calves at weaning time. This combination of performance matched with the docility and longevity make it hard for me select anything other than a River Creek Bull for my herd.

    Kyle Berning DVM Lakin, KS
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